Grading Condition Explanation: 

 Before Listing the products on the Platform, all the phones were fully tested. The grading of the phones were based on their cosmetic conditions where small and minor issues jotted down and graded to give our users the best experience of refurbished phones or used phones. All the gradings was done by keeping in mind market knowledge and industries standard policies and what our valued customers can expect from the sellers. List of gradings are explained below:


    Grade A (Excellent):

    • Handsets can be seen in a very good conditions where there is slight sign of usage.
    • Handsets will be in perfect conditions and there will be a slight scratches on the housings which can hardly be seen from arms length.
    • There is no or very light scratches on the screen or the back of the handsets which cannot be seen from the arms length.

    Grade B (Good):

    • Handsets are in good conditions and have signs of usage.
    • Housing have a slight scratches or polish worn off but that hardly be noticed when putting the cover on the handsets.
    • Handsets have a light scratches on the screen and body that might have established on day to day usage basis.

    Grade C (Average):

    • Handsets are in average condition and have signs of usage and described as the value for money.
    • Housings have a light or big scratches or dents and polish can we worn off but not too many. 
    • Handsets have a heavy scratches on the screen and body which could have established by using roughly.
    • Handsets condition can also be differ depends on the age of the handsets.